Week 2: Dec 3-9 Fifty Thank You Notes

The Mission: write fifty notes of appreciation for my fiftieth birthday.  OK!  Doable!  Something I can plug away at in my spare time rather than watching TV or mindlessly Facetweetgramming!  Perfect!

Who to pick?  Family of course, immediate and otherwise, friends, colleagues, and so on!  I was given stamps provided so I could even get out of town-ers, even out of country-ers. After a quick trip to the dollar store to get blank cards I was ready.

I made a list of who to send one to.  Sometimes with a reason why, but often I didn’t think of the what to say until the card was in front of me.  Plugging away I got it done bit by bit.  But by Saturday I was still a bit short.  So Sunday, while the new car was charging in front of my local Whole Foods (I mean come on where else?), I was charging up on Starbucks hot chocolate and trying to power through the last few thank you’s.  Did I make it?  Well……

Yeah!  I did! I have many to mail out, many to deliver in person and a few to still find addresses for, but the notes are done!

Thank you for the challenge, for making me reflect on the people in my life, and the writer’s cramp.  Please pay the bill from my physical therapist promptly.

(Please note if you’re reading this and you didn’t get one of these notes, I apologize.  I myself was a bit stunned that I know more than fifty people!)

Status of Week 2 Activity:  Complete!

Status of Week 1 Activity:  I’ll get to it geez!

4 thoughts on “Week 2: Dec 3-9 Fifty Thank You Notes

  1. What a great challenge and it ties in nicely with this whole project too! I’m glad you got a chance to reflect and count your blessings. Writer’s cramps phooey. Lol. I think you enjoy writing…you’re just more used to a keyboard lol. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I think we tend to focus on negatives in life, so taking time to remember those gems reminds us of how many people actually touch us in a profound way.


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