Week 3: December 10-17 Take a Day Trip!

Given the two options, and considering I STILL haven’t taken an art class I decided on option two: Take a day trip to someplace I hadn’t been!  That would be great!  It didn’t take me very long to figure out where I’d go and when!  It’d be the first weekend of Winter Break!  I’d drive the Leaf and give it a good real world test of speed and range.  I’d go and take some interesting pictures…

If there is a theme developing for my 50th year it seems to be “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”  

The Thursday before Winter Break I felt a raw tickle in the back of my throat that I couldn’t get rid of.  By Friday I managed to drag myself to work and through the day.  I was sick for the first three full days of Break, then recovering after that, as well as getting Holiday stuff done.

The week after that started with Christmas ended with a sore back and had another illness in the middle.  Suffice to say the day trip didn’t get done in the allotted week or the next.

My plan for such eventualities (which I didn’t expect to have quite so many of quite so soon) is not to discard but to keep them in a holding pattern until such a time that I can get them done. As yet that opportunity has yet to avail itself.

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